How to keep your dog safe and happy(ish) on Bonfire Night.

October 24, 2018


When out walking.


Fireworks displays can stretch the weekend as well as the odd stray being set off during private celebrations. This can make timing walks a little difficult. Although we can’t predict when the odd stray firework may be set off, there are steps we can take to help keep our dogs safe whilst out on walks.


1. Sick to morning and afternoon walks to ensure you're home before it gets dark and the fireworks start.


2. If your dog has ever tried to slip their collar, consider using a martingale collar at this time of year. Martingale collars are designed so that a dog cannot wriggle loose.


3. Make sure the phone number on your dog’s ID tag is up to date and that it’s securely fastened. Also check that microchip information is accurate.  




When at Home


1. Create a safe place to allow your dog to retreat to. Their bed with a snuggly blanket surrounded by their favourite toys is a good idea.


2. Draw your curtains and blinds to help soften the noise and flashes. Pop the TV on or play music and continuing to chatter as normal to help drown out the noise.


3. Act in a happy, friendly manor to show your dog there is nothing to fear. Allow them to enjoy a super tasty treat, a stuffed Kong or enticing them into a fun game of ‘find it’ will help them to forget about the scary noises outside.


4. Using soothing essential oils are thought to help relax humans as well as their dogs. A few drops of lavender essential oil in an oil burner can help to relax the whole household! We also like to use frankincense due to its relaxing and soothing properties. A quick paw massage using Pointy Faces organic Frankincense Paw Balm can work wonders.


5. Use a calming natural remedy such as Zen Dog. Specially formulated by Vet Marsh, Zen dog uses organic calming herbs to help promote calmness and to relieve anxiety. It is very economical with each pouch containing enough sprinkles for 30 portions.


6. Distract your dog with a calming and delicious Lickimat. Smeared with your dog's favourite healthy treat, Lickimats are a medical free way to promote calm behaviour during stressful times as repetitive licking releasing calming the hormone cortisol into the body. 


7. For severe cases of anxiety, allow plenty for time to consult your vet before bonfire night.



If you have any tips or tricks to help relax your pup, please do let us know. 


Meg and Bella 🐾


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How to keep your dog safe and happy(ish) on Bonfire Night.

October 24, 2018

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