Zen Dog to Relieve Anxiety & Promote Calmness

May 29, 2017

Gosh, what crazy weather we've had here in the UK over the last few days! On Friday night, I woke to crashing thunder and lighting and Bella firmly wedged between myself and my partner. I covered her with the blanket to block out the lightening and to help make her feel safe. I attempted to get back to sleep, wishing I had given her some Zen Dog in her supper. Since then I have been a little more prepared and have been checking the forecast!


The organic sprinkles have been developed and handmade by vet Holly Marsh and are aimed at relieving anxiety and promoting calmness. Whether it's thunder and lightning, fireworks or separation anxiety which makes your pointy faced friend feel anxious, Zen Dog sprinkles are a wonderful product to have at hand.


About Zen Dog


Zen dog is especially formulated to promote calmness and to relieve anxiety. It can be used for situations that some dogs find stressful such as thunderstorms, fireworks night, trips to the vet or as an aid in separation anxiety. It can also help to promote a restful night's sleep and can help dogs to settle in a new home or when away in kennels.


Zen dog contains a blend of traditional nervine, or calming herbs, that have been used for centuries to relieve anxiety and settle the mind. Vet Holly has chosen a blend of herbs that includes Chamomile and Passionflower.


Each Sprinkle comes in a self-seal pouch, to keep the herbs fresh. Just add a 'Sprinkle', or half a teaspoonful, to your dog's food every day (or as needed) to support their health easily and effectively. It's as simple as that!


Each pouch of Sprinkles contains enough herbs for 30 days usage.



Customer Reviews


"thank you Megan - your Zen dog was a god send on holiday - made all the travelling a lot less traumatic […] On one day I forgot to give it to her and we noticed such a difference! We travelled over a thousand miles in ten days x"


"Zen dog was used this evening for the fireworks. My whippet is normally so stressed he shakes so bad it is really upsetting. Your product is amazing he has slept through. On the odd big bang he has raised his head and then just back to sleep. Will be purchasing again and again. Thankyou xx"


"I defo recommend this...my mums Bc so hyper and I gave her some to try with him and it calmed him right down"


"I had some with my breakfast before seeing the vets & it helped!! I walked in (normally carried), happy(ish) to let the vet check me over"  







Thunderstorms aside, we hope you've had a wonderful bank holiday weekend so far! Bella and I have been enjoying long walks and trips to the beach with our beautiful house guest Nellie.


Meg & Bella 🐾


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