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February 2, 2017

Bella's Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs


1. A Colourful Collar 

When Bella was found as a stray she wasn’t wearing a collar. She looked so proud as I fastened her brand new collar around her neck once we were home. A collar tells the world - I have a family, I am loved. Our unique and colourful collection is available in both dog collar and sighthound collar designs. 

2. Tasty Treats

Baked treats, fish treats, meat treats, Bella just couldn’t decide so we’ve got them all! Packed full of vitamins, minerals and protein, not only are our treats deliciously tasty they are also a great addition to a dog’s diet.


3. Natural Chews

Long lasting, natural chews are great fun. For a gentle chewer who loves a tasty treat try one of our Easy Antler Chews. For playful dogs try a Chew Root which also act as a natural tooth brush! 

4. Extra Cuddles

Valentine’s Day is an excuse to set aside some time for extra snuggles on the sofa. Take your softest, fluffiest blanket, some chocolates for the humans and natural treats for the doggies and cuddle away!

Have a very happy Valentine's Day and please do give your pointy faced friends a cuddle from us. Meg & Bella 💕




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