The perfect collar for the Christmas season! These reindeer print collars are not only adorable but also practical. This festive martingale collar is made from cotton linen and features reinforced woven polyester within the cotton layers with nickel hardware.


These collars are 1.5"/3.75cm wide and are available in two different sizes 24-37cm or 32-46cm.


What is a martingale collar?

A martingale collar is a walking out collar which fits loosely on a dog’s neck but tightens when it needs to. If your dog has ever slipped out of or backed out of their collar, you may want to think about getting a martingale collar for safety reasons. Martingale collars are especially safe for dogs with narrower heads such as whippets and greyhounds, as these dogs often have an easier time slipping out of a regular collar.


This collar is also available in a standard collar (non martingale). Please select 'Hound Collars' under the 'Shop' tab.

Reindeer Martingale Collar 1.5"

  • Either use an existing buckle collar or form a loop from string or tape. Adjust it to find the size that slides comfortably over your hound’s head. Once on, check that it will slide off without hurting your hound’s ears. Now measure your hound’s neck at a mid point on the neck, or where you wish the collar to sit when in use. When you have these two measurements, compare them to the sizes of our collars. The correct size is the one which covers both these measurements.

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