Old dog is especially formulated to help relieve the effects of old age and to help support your dog through their senior years.


It can be especially helpful for dogs that suffer from anxiety and confusion as they grow older, when deafness and poor eyesight can make them feel more vulnerable. It's also aimed at supporting dogs that are suffering from age-related forgetfulness and confusion (a bit like doggie dementia!).


Old dog contains a blend of herbs that have been used for centuries to relieve the most common effects of ageing and to help maintain a healthy immune system. The herbs are especially selected by vet Holly to support the heart and circulatory system and because they are a rich source of antioxidants. Vet Holly has chosen a blend of herbs including Hawthorn.


Each Sprinkle comes in a self-seal pouch, to keep the herbs fresh. Just add a 'Sprinkle', or half a teaspoonful, to your dog's food every day (or as needed) to support their health easily and effectively. It's as simple as that!


Each pouch of Sprinkles contains enough herbs for 30 days usage.

Old Dog - Relieves the Effects of Old Age

  • This range of effective and 100% organic herbal Sprinkles has been formulated and produced in small batches by vet Holly Mash. She has developed each one to meet the needs of her patients and we think that they'll help your dog too.

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