Weʼre raising £1,000 to help Candy Cane Rescue provide a safe environment and care for greyhounds rescued from the Chinese meat trade.

I am doing a Boxing Day sea swim to help raise money for Candy Cane Rescue. I HATE the cold so this will be a challenge for me! Bella and Nellie will of course be watching from dry land snuggled up in their coat.

Candy Cane Rescue aim to help provide a safe environment in which greyhounds rescued from the Chinese meat trade can be cared for. They also transport them to the UK or Europe and find them loving homes. Greyhounds are exported from Ireland, the UK and Australia by breeders and owners to race in China and are kept in the most awful conditions.

Many have already spent their entire life racing and should be allowed to retire in their old age. Instead they are sent to a country which has NO ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS to race or breed. When they have outlived their usefulness, many end up in the meat trade.

Greyhounds are also sent to Shanghai Wildlife Park where, locals report, they are fed alive to big cats and other predators and forced to race against Cheetahs for entertainment.

If you can spare a pound or two, please do sponsor me and help raise money and awareness for this amazing charity.

Thank you,


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